Games to play in the bath with baby

Your child does not want to be bathed or is bored with it? With playful bathing, your child will become an absolute water fan!

We’ll show you five fun game ideas that you can use to make your children’s bathing routine exciting. Here we will tell you some games to play in the bath with your baby.

Children and bathing – an endless story?

You love to take a relaxing and extensive bath and can’t understand why your child runs away just at the sound of the water running in? But regular bathing is essential for children’s hygiene!

Unlike adults, the fun factor is the most important thing for little ones when bathing. Many children refuse to get into the bathtub when bathing, which becomes a lengthy procedure.

But that is no longer the case! With the following harmless and fun game ideas, every bath will be an exciting experience for your little ones.

Bathing in Colorful water

Boredom starts with the bathwater: it is transparent, and the foam is white. Add some pep to the bathroom by coloring the water to stimulate your child’s imagination.

For example, a pirate’s treasure could have been sunk in the green or blue water, and your child can search for it with goggles and a snorkel. You can put a little surprise in the water beforehand to avoid disappointing her.

Or let your little girl be a princess or fairy for an evening by coloring the bath water pink. Of course, the crown on the head should not be missing!

You can find special bath additives that color the water brightly and are designed especially for children, for example, in any Walmart or here on amazon.

Of course, you can also make coloring bath bombs with your little ones, which bubble merrily in the water. Southern Skye Beaut shows you on her Youtube how to do it easily!

Art in the bathtub

Your child not only likes to paint on paper and has already painted the walls in a burst of energetic creativity? Then move his studio into the bathroom!

Your child can let off steam artistically in the bathtub and on the tiles with selected finger paints. They can paint large-scale pictures with their hands or create more minor works of art with a brush.

No matter how large or colorful the painting may be – the special bathtub paints can be easily washed off again without leaving a big mess.

In this video, you will learn how you can easily make such bath paints yourself:

Plus, you can easily combine the art lesson with your child’s daily washing routine: Let him paint during the bath or let your little one decorate the bathtub before the bath.

In addition, a non-slip bath mat provides extra grip and safety while painting.

Duck hunting while splashing

Bathing is much more fun with small waterproof toys – the squeaking duck is and remains the classic among the loyal water companions. But the little yellow rubber animal is versatile: it can swim and invite you to a fun fishing trip in the bathtub.

Yes, you heard right! Just let your kids fish squeaky ducks out of the water during bath time. All you need is a fishing game available online and in toy stores. This is made up of little squeaking ducks and a plastic fishing rod.

The ducks are equipped with a unique little ring, which can be fished with the enclosed fishing rod. Since the lively ducklings are constantly swimming away and turning in all directions, this is not so easy!

How you can design your bathroom with more animal accessories for your little ones.

Bathtub ball bath

Surely you know this situation: you went to a big department store to buy something important, but your child discovered the ball pool and now never wants to go home again.

You can also easily avoid this risk by bringing home the colorful ball pool!

It would help if you had several colorful, lightweight plastic balls, which you can buy at any toy store.

The practical thing is that since the balls float on the water in the bathtub, you don’t need as many balls as an actual ball pool. It is already thoroughly enough if the entire water surface is covered with colorful balls.

If you want to take the ball pool to an even higher level of fun, you can add numbered hoops and attach them to the wall at the bottom of the tub using suction cups.

Now you and your child can take turns trying to throw a ball through the hoops. When a ball flies through the hoop, the respective number is noted and added up.

Whoever scores the most points wins and is the bathing king or queen of the day!

Playfully learn to write and calculate

Do you want to playfully teach your child writing or arithmetic or deepen this knowledge? Then the bathroom is just the right place for it!

Learning is much more fun in the foamy bathtub than on paper. All you need are colorful waterproof letters and numbers available in toy stores.

While bathing, the children can write words on the wall or solve minor math problems. They can also creatively form small sentences and tell short stories with enough letters.

Tip: For the ultimate play and bathing fun, use colorful letters combined with washable finger paints, which we presented to you in the second idea of this article. For example, the little ones can paint a flower and write the matching word underneath.

Let the bathroom games begin!

After so many game ideas, it’s now off to the bathroom for your child and in the future without protest! You can combine the bathing fun in any way you like, and your child will have some fun ideas for spicing up the bathroom routine even more!

We wish you a great playtime with your kids in the bathroom!

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