Can a Toddler tell when mom is Pregnant ?

Can a Toddler tell when mom is Pregnant ? Quick Answer is No because there is no scientific evidence to back this up. However, there are certain signs that a child will notice about the mom being pregnant. such as:

1. The mom is gaining weight

There is a reason behind this, the mom is carrying more weight in her abdomen, and she is starting to look bloated. She will also start to put on more weight and you will see that she will start to put on weight within a month of becoming pregnant.

2. The mom is bloating

If you have been reading the comments that we have posted on our blog, then you must have noticed that the parents are complaining about the bloating that their kids are suffering from. This is a very normal thing as the mom is putting on weight and due to that the baby is bloating.

3. She has a change in mood

If you will notice, most of the moms that are expecting will have a change in mood and will start to become irritated easily. They will become angry, restless and will feel the urge to cry out of frustration.

4. Her appetite is increased

As the pregnancy progresses, the mom’s appetite will increase and she will start to crave for certain foods like chocolate, sweets and snacks. If you don’t want to spoil the mom’s mood, then try to avoid giving her these food items.

5. The mom is tired

When a mom is pregnant, she will become tired all the time. She will have trouble sleeping at night and will wake up during the night and will not be able to sleep. She will get up and will not be able to stay awake and will go to bed.

6. The mom’s breasts will get bigger

If you will notice, the mom’s breasts will get bigger and will start to get sore.

7. The mom’s skin will get dull

The mom’s skin will get dull and will get a lot of dark patches and acne. The mom’s nipples will also get darker in color and will also get sore.

8. The mom will lose her hair

During the pregnancy, the mom will lose her hair. And, if you have noticed, the mom will not even be able to brush her hair.

9. She will get stretch marks

If you will see that the mom is getting stretch marks on her belly, then you should be very worried about the pregnancy. As soon as the baby starts growing, it will pull the mom’s skin and will make the stretch marks appear.


The conclusion that I am going to give is that a toddler will be able to tell that his/her mom is pregnant. He/she will be able to tell it by observing certain changes in the mom’s behavior. So, when the toddler will observe the above mentioned symptoms, then you should make an appointment with a doctor.

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