Can you Return buy buy baby without receipt ?

Returns to buybuy BABY are not required to include a receipt; you may still be able to return or exchange new and unopened items without providing them with a copy of the receipt. They may be accepted for exchange or a refund in the form of a merchandise credit in the amount of the current selling price less 20% if they are in good condition (we assume customers make the most of our coupon offers)

Can I return Buy Buy Baby at Bed Bath and Beyond?

Bed Bath & Beyond stores have a policy that you can return any Buy Buy Baby merchandise that has not been opened, but it is usually up to the discretion of the individual store whether or not to accept the return. If possible, call your local store and ask to speak with the manager prior to making the trip, but they should be able to accommodate your needs. I hope this has been of assistance!!

Can you return items from Buy Buy Baby Registry?

Items purchased for a baby registry that are brand new and have not been opened may be exchanged or returned for a store credit within 365 days of purchase. When it comes to used items, the standard return policy is followed.

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