Can you Wash baby clothes with regular detergent

Can you Wash baby clothes with regular detergent ? No, you can’t wash them with regular detergent. That’s for laundry and dishwashing.

Baby clothes are delicate, and need a special detergent. There are many, many different kinds of detergents. They work differently, and the best kind depends on the material of the clothes. I’m not going to tell you what to buy because I don’t know what kind of clothes you’re talking about. I assume that you’re talking about baby clothes made out of cotton. Cotton needs a specific type of detergent.

If you want to wash baby clothes with regular detergent, use a high quality baby detergent. I can’t recommend any brands because I don’t know which one is the right kind for your baby’s clothes. But you can look for brands that say “baby” or “baby clothes” on their labels. Some of these are good enough. If you don’t know anything about detergents, I’d suggest you buy a sample pack of a brand that looks good. Then you can test it out and see which one works best.

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