How to Decorate a Nursery for a New Born

Getting ready for the first born is a very exciting experience for the new to be parents.  Before you go shopping to decorate the nursery there are few things you should know. Also it is easy to be lost among all the fancy products available in the market. But the most important things are that the items should be able to fit in the nursery, should be comfortable and safe for the baby. Finally they have to affordable so you do not have to break your bank account.

1)      Think of a suitable theme for the nursery.

If you know the gender of the baby it will be easy. If it is going to be a baby girl: flowers, butterflies, stars and angels are some of the choices. If it is a boy it could be cars, ships, super heroes. But for some reason if the gender is unknown or if you like it to be a surprise, you can make it a gender neutral theme such as nature and animals. Choosing the theme is very important because you can choose other items and decorations, colour of the paint or wall papers accordingly.

2)      Choose the colour for the nursery according to the theme.

But make sure the colours are as light as possible. If there are any lead paint, remove them as it can be harmful for a new born. When you choose the colour for the wall remember that it does not have to be strictly one colour. You can choose more than one colour as well depending on how you like to decorate the room. Make sure you paint the room way in advance of the baby’s arrival as the smell of fresh paint could irritate the baby. Painting in advance may give enough time for the fresh paint to settle down and not to reek any particular smell.

3)      Decide the type of flooring to be used.

A carpet floor, tiled floor or hardwood floor are the obvious choices. If you think of a carpeted floor remember that it would need vacuuming and the sound of it may disturb a newborn and practically they sleep the whole day. If you think of the type of floor that is easiest to keep clean, my vote goes for the hardwood floors.

4)       Decorate the ceiling.

Newborns spend most of their time lying on their backs. When their senses and vision beginning to develop they become very inquisitive and love examining what is around them. If you decorate the ceiling appropriately it will be fun for them to look at the ceiling and also such vision may stimulate their senses as well.

5)      Decorate the windows of the nursery.

Depending on where you live and the season the baby is born, if the sun is creeping into the baby’s bedroom make sure you have appropriate blinds or curtains for the windows. Since some sunlight could be good for the room and kill any germs etc, direct sunlight on a newborn will not be appropriate.

Wrapping Up

Decorating a nursery for a new born is an exciting and fun task. It is essential to create a safe environment for your child and use decorations that will give them a sense of security and comfort. With careful consideration, you can achieve a beautiful, suitable nursery space that will be enjoyed by you and your new baby for many years to come.

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