How to Get toddler to stop throwing Food

How to get toddler to stop throwing food? Here are some tips that might help you solve the problem of toddler throwing food.

1. Keep food out of reach.

Toddlers are curious by nature. If they find something tasty, they will want to eat it. As a result, you will end up with a mess. To prevent this from happening, you should put the food out of reach. Place it somewhere on top of the refrigerator. This way, your toddler can’t access it easily.

2. Restrict toddler’s access to foods.

If your toddler sees you eating food, she will be tempted to try it too. You can use a different utensil for eating. Or better yet, don’t let her see you eating at all.

3. Avoid using the same plate or cup for eating and cleaning up.

The same object is usually a magnet for toddlers. They can easily grab something you eat and then play with it. You should use different plates for eating and cleaning up.

4. Make sure you keep everything tidy.

Your toddler needs a clean and organized space to play in. So make sure that the floor is swept and the toys are put away. This way, he will have a safe environment to play in.

5. Be firm but gentle.

Toddlers like to test their boundaries. They love to push the limits. If you don’t push back, they will continue to do so until you give in. If you don’t give in, they will get upset and will start acting up. In this case, it is important to remain calm and firm.

6. Set a good example.

If you keep the house clean, your toddler will follow suit. Make sure that you don’t allow him to touch anything dirty. If he does, remind him to wash his hands. If he doesn’t listen to you, don’t scold him. Instead, sit with him and teach him about proper hygiene.

7. Try rewarding him.

If you let your toddler win, you will encourage bad behavior. If you reward him with a new toy, then he will feel happy. In return, he will behave well.

8. Try punishing him.

Sometimes, kids get mad and throw tantrums. This means that you need to stay calm and firm. Remind your toddler about the rule, and then punish him for breaking it. If he doesn’t listen, you can take away his favorite food or toy.

9. Show him how you eat.

Toddlers usually imitate what they see. If you eat with chopsticks, your toddler will probably try to use chopsticks too. And if you drink milk with a straw, he will

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