How to keep baby’s Room Smelling Fresh

Have you ever walked into your baby’s room and taken a smell, only to be greeted by the aroma of a scented candle and a filthy diapers?

Yes, feces and scented candles do not go well together.

You want the smell that comes off of you to be like that of a clean infant, one that is uplifting and invigorating all at the same time.

At least I am aware that this is what other people hope to take in when they come to visit.

The following are some suggestions for ensuring that the baby’s room always smells (nearly) as wonderful as when they were born.

In the event that you notice that your trash can or diaper genie is filling up faster than you can say “oil diffuser.”

It is high time that you began going to your outside garbage cans on a more regular basis.

Have you ever stored some of your clothing or kept linen in the closet for an excessive amount of time?

Even though those goods smelled wonderful when they were first brought in, after some time they began to stink.

The same holds true for any room.

You should let some fresh air in once every day by cracking a window or opening the door.

Even for me, this presents a challenge.

The notion that “the only way I’ll have lunch today is if I eat it in the Nursery while Nursing baby to sleep” is unacceptable even though snacks and other minor items first appear OK.

This will be your undoing, and it may also result in ants and other insects entering the room to try to get a mouthful of your lunch as well.

Keep the windows open as much as possible to ensure adequate ventilation in the room where your baby will be sleeping.

Be sure that your infant is not exposed to any drafts, and keep an eye on the temperature in the room to ensure that they do not become overly chilled.

If mom and dad aren’t going to eat in the nursery, at least make sure the baby isn’t drinking from a bottle near the sheets.

Any spills of breast milk that make it into your baby’s linens will quickly go sour, which will result in an unpleasant odor in the room where the baby sleeps.

Change your baby’s diapers somewhere else to get rid of any unpleasant smells that might be present in their room.

It is possible that this would work for you if you have a house that is on the larger side.

You may easily relocate your baby’s changing table, diaper pail, and other diapering necessities to a location that is not in their nursery.

You can eliminate unpleasant odors by giving the room a spritzing with a natural deodorizer, which will do the trick.

If you would rather not spray anything, you could buy bamboo-made charcoal bags that last quite a while instead. These bags can be purchased online.

Make sure that you replace their bed linens on a regular basis, preferably once a week, so that the room does not retain any unpleasant odors.

9. Air purifier or dehumidifer

Dampness, which can seal in undesirable odors, can be the source of some of the unpleasant odors in a room.

This may be the result of damp clothing, toys, or other items associated with the baby. You can get a dehumidifier if you reside in an area that has a lot of moisture in the air.

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