Omega-3s: Why this fatty acid is so essential for your baby

Omega 3s is something that is very important from the time a women is pregnant. Eating food that has all nutritional factors is necessary when you are pregnant. One such essential thing is getting omega 3S in your diet. For healthy pregnancy, healthy diet is the most important thing. Baby relies completely on your food for fulfilling all kind of vitamin and mineral nutrition. Omega 3 rich foods are very much essential. There some factors that are needed to make your baby strong and healthy. Let us look in to some basic fact about Omega 3s and why is it necessary for your baby nutrition.

What is Omega 3s food?

Omega 3s is special kind of polyunsaturated fatty acid. Some of the main food in, which they are present, includes fish, game, seeds and plants. There are four types of fat necessary for your body to get and polyunsaturated fatty acids are one of those four types. It may be known as fatty acid but these are very much necessary for your body. They have the content that is good for mental as well as physical body. It is because of this that Omega 3s is also known as essential fatty acid. These are essential but are not produced in your body. You can easily get them by getting all essential food that has its presence.

Types of Omega 3s

Omegas 3s are essential fatty acids and there are three types of these acids. All these three types are necessary. This also helps in maintaining good functions for your body and your baby nutrition too.

EPA: This is also known as Eicosapentaenoic acid that is mainly found in fish and fish oil.

DHA: This is also known as Docosahexanoic acid is found in fish and this is very much essential in body.

ALA: this is also known as Alpha linolenic acid. This is found in seed, vegetables, vegetable oils etc. this fatty acid is first converted in EPA and then DHA.

Omega 3s is very important in pregnancy and for baby development

Let us understand why Omega 3s is necessary in pregnancy:

1) Growth of body: One of the main factors that Omega 3s is important is that it helps in well-mannered growth of a baby’s body. Importance of having Omega 3s rich food in past few decades have been seen and acknowledged. Omega 3s rich diet plays an important role in development of body physically as well as mentally. Growth of baby starts right from when it is in uterus and hence Omega 3s plays an important role in getting overall development of baby. The growth involves proper development of brain, forming the retina, and developing the full nervous system.

2)     For health of pregnant woman: Omega 3s is also very much important for proper health and well-being of pregnant women as it gives complete baby nutrition. When you continuously take omega 3s rich food, it reduces any chance of developing preeclampsia. There is no chance of postpartum depression due to intake of omega 3s rich diet. In fact, it also helps in minimisation in chance of preterm labour.

3)     There can be many issues when Omega 3s rich diet is not provided in pregnant women: when there is deficiency of Omega 3s rich diet in any pregnant women’s diet then surely many disadvantages are there. This deficiency is not only bad for pregnant women but for baby too.  A recent research has been carried out between babies who were fed with omega 3s rich food while they were in womb to babies who were deficient with this. Result came out that showed babies who were fed Omega 3s rich diet had rich growth.

When you take omega 3s rich diet then the baby takes it from the placenta cover and this helps the baby to grow and develop easily, when you do not take any external source of Omega 3s rich diet then the baby starts taking it from your own stores. These stores might be from brain, or any other part. So when baby starts taking all these sources from brain it leads to loss of some percentage of your brain cells.

4)     Omega 3s helps pregnant women as well as baby in long run. Baby who takes Omega 3s rich diet since the time they are in womb have greater visual activity and advanced attention spans. While the children who are not fed with these since the baby are in womb, do not have much of this are not exposed to such developments.

5)     Omega 3s diet helps baby to grow faster than the baby who is not exposed with Omega 3s diet. These babies develop two months faster than those who do not take these rich diets.

6)     When a child takes on Omega 3s rich diet then it results in lesser developmental problem. In fact, there is less behavioural problem too. In fact, the pregnant women have lesser chances of breast cancer and prostate cancer as omega 3s ic sonidered proper baby nutrition food.

7)     Omega 3 is also support you to development of good and functioning eye of baby.

8)     With normal intake of omega 3s rich diet, there are reduction in any chances of premature labour and delivery.

9)     When there is good intake of omega 3s rich diet it helps in cognitive development. It also gives good learning ability to children.

When is the effective time to take Omega 3s rich diet?

Now after you know the importance of Omega 3s rich food intake, you may want to ask as when is the proper time when it is necessary to feed yourself with Omega 3s rich food? Omega 3s is something that should be taken regularly just as any other food. In fact, it is not necessary that you should take this food only when you get pregnant. You must maintain a good health before you is pregnant and hence it is important for you to get good omega 3s rich diet. You may take it from earlier times too.

It is advised that you must undertake at least 250 mg of omega 3 regularly. However, when you are in final trimester, omega 3 oils become very important for you. This is because it is during final trimester time when the baby starts to form 70% of your brain development. In fact, this becomes essential for full development of nervous system. Therefore, it is necessary to be precautious with it.

Omega 3s rich diet

Some of the rich sources of Omega 3s rich diet that gives proper baby nutrition and it includes following:

  • Omega 3 fish oil supplements
  • Oily, cold water fish
  • Walnut oil and walnuts
  • Soybeans and pumpkin seeds
  • Purslane and Hemp seeds
  • Canola oil
  • Fortified eggs and dark leafy green vegetables

Although all major types of fishes are healthy for you and your body development but still there are many fish that contain higher level of mercury. You need to check out those special types of fish that have higher levels of PCBs and mercury. Hence, you need to check out. In fact, many supplements are there which are made from fish livers. You need to avoid all such supplements that are made from fish livers.

Fish is very important source of omega 3s diet for any pregnant women as it helps in providing complete baby nutrition care. Fish has some of the prime sources that help in development of baby easily. So consumption of omega 3s rich diet becomes very essential for you and your baby. These are the best sources that are good for overall development of your body. It helps sin reduction of hypertension, improve brain function, promote good cardiovascular heart etc.

These days there are many sources through which you can get omega 3s rich diet. There is special pill form that helps in providing you Omega 3s. Omega 3s is also said to be brain food as it is most important for development of brain apart from cardiac and circulatory development. Many modern diets are not having these omega 3s sources hence you need to get to the original sources of omega 3s that provides you with best development issue.

DHA is very essential fatty acid as that is responsible for eye and brain development of body. There are many benefits of DHA and all these help your body to function well in getting good baby nutrition care.

However, you need to be very precautious when you get your own source of omega 3s. This is because Pregnancy is a very sensible issue and any kind of negligence may affect the baby. Therefore, it is necessary to carry on good research with all food that you are giving to pregnant women. Checking with all the advisory when you are taking in fish and other sources is a very important step. More and more information will surely help you to come out with good baby nutrition care. Remember if you eat well, baby is healthy. Baby nutrition care is a must and it can be done with baby nutrition foods easily.

In conclusion, Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for your baby’s development and overall health. By ensuring that your baby is getting enough Omega-3s through their diet or supplements, you can help them reach their full potential. The right balance of Omega-3s can also help reduce the risk of chronic disease later in life. Ultimately, Omega-3s are an important part of a healthy diet for your baby, and it’s important to make sure they get enough.

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