Reasons Why Toddlers Draw on Walls

Drawing on walls is a behavior common in toddlers. It is also known as “Wall Drawing” or “Washi”. Toddlers draw on walls by themselves.

Some parents are concerned about their children’s ability to draw. It is quite natural for a child to draw on walls because they have been doing it since birth.

It has been observed that drawing on walls is one of the first things a child does. They usually start by drawing the number 1. Most often they draw numbers and letters. They are also able to draw a number sequence. A sequence is a series of numbers which are arranged in a specific order.

A toddler who likes to draw on walls also tends to draw things such as circles and lines. However, if they draw on the walls it is usually for fun and pleasure. It could be that they are practicing their fine motor skills, or they might like to try something new. They don’t use drawing on walls for the purpose of learning to write.

Toddlers tend to draw on walls in the following ways:

They draw on walls in their own room.

In the kitchen.

In the bathroom.

In the living room.

The bathroom is a common place for toddlers to draw on walls. They often do this because it is warm. It is a safe environment for them. They do not want to get hurt by falling down.

Toddlers usually draw on walls because they want to make patterns. Sometimes they also draw on walls because it gives them an opportunity to practice writing. They might even practice spelling words by drawing them on walls.

It is common for toddlers to draw on walls because they enjoy doing so. They may also do it when they are bored. They tend to draw whatever comes to their mind. Some children are good at drawing on walls. They know exactly what they want to draw.

However, sometimes toddlers draw on walls because they are trying to communicate. They may want to ask a parent something. Or they may need help.

Toddlers draw on walls because they have fun. They enjoy drawing on walls. Sometimes they enjoy doing it when they are bored. They do it for fun and pleasure.


Toddlers love to draw on walls. It is a normal behavior for them. Parents should not be worried about their children’s ability to draw on walls.

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