Toddler Obsessed with skin to skin Contact

Toddlers these days are becoming increasingly obsessed with skin to skin contact. They love to be cuddled up against their parent and feel loved.

When they are first born, they don’t understand that they are being separated from the mother. They cry and scream because they miss the feeling of having their whole body touching that of the mother.

After the age of 2 months, they start showing signs of separation anxiety and are constantly trying to stay close to their mother.

Why do they want to touch skin to skin contact?

The reason behind their obsession for skin to skin contact is due to the fact that they are not able to understand the difference between the physical and mental world. They don’t know the difference between the mother’s heart and the heart of another person.

In order to make them realize that their mother has a different heart than anyone else’s, they need to feel that they are part of the family.

They need to feel loved and needed by their parents. They are just like any other kid in the world, except that they don’t have their mother or father.

In order to cure them, we need to start taking them to the park. We need to make sure that they are constantly touched.

We need to hold them while we sing nursery rhymes and tell them stories. When they are older, we can introduce them to their dad.

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