When can Babies Eat Puffs

When can babies eat Puffs? They should start to eat them at about 6 months old. Puffs are one of the most nutritious cereals you can give your baby. They are packed with nutrients such as vitamins A, D, E and C.

Can a baby choke on puffs?

Designed to dissolve quickly when wet, puffs are easy to swallow even if your baby isn’t yet able to chew properly on his or her own. It has been determined by one study that puffs crumble in 9 seconds and do not pose an immediate threat of choking.

It is important to remember that, as with any food, you should never leave a baby alone while eating. Puffs may not pose a significant threat, but babies have a reputation for finding creative ways to overcome obstacles. Maintaining a close proximity to your baby while he or she is eating is always recommended.

Are Cheerios or puffs better for baby?

Cheerios are a significant improvement in texture over puffs, and they do not “melt” in the mouth like puffs. Cheerios aren’t particularly nutritious, either. Instead, I would make fruit and vegetable melties as a more nutritious option. Alternatively, a mashable food that baby can pick up would suffice. For example, soft cooked fruits or vegetables that a baby can gum in his mouth are appropriate.

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