Why Do Toddlers Love Tearing up Books to Pieces

Why do toddlers love tearing up books to pieces? I mean, you can just imagine the havoc they could create if they had access to scissors.

But here’s the thing: your toddler’s love for destroying paper can actually be a great asset in the classroom. It turns out that kids who enjoy ripping up paper are often better problem solvers, and teachers are finding that these students often get frustrated and angry less easily.

It’s not all bad news though; there are plenty of ways you can encourage your child to become a book lover instead.

First, let’s take a look at why your child might tear up books. The answer may surprise you.

The reason why toddlers love tearing up paper is because it’s a way to express themselves. Toddlers have the ability to create their own art on their own with a little guidance.

Kids who enjoy tearing things up are typically good at creating things. They’re also great at building things, using tools and inventing their own games.

When you’re teaching your child to use scissors, he’s learning to create something. He’s also learning about patience and how to work together.

By teaching your child to enjoy ripping up paper, you’re helping him develop his imagination. He’s learning to take pride in the things he creates and to create something new.

As for you, you’re probably wondering how you can help your child learn to love books instead.

Here are a few ideas:

Create a book scavenger hunt in the house.

Ask your child to find items in the house that relate to a specific book.

For example, if you have a book about sharks, he can search the house for shark tooth necklaces, shark tooth jewelry, shark tooth artwork, shark tooth decorations…

If he doesn’t know what book he’s supposed to be searching for, ask him to rip up a piece of paper.

Use the torn paper as a bookmark.

Use the torn paper to decorate your home. Make a collage.

Ask your child to rip up a piece of paper and create a collage. If you’re teaching a certain skill, he might enjoy making a collage of pictures of the skill.

You can also use torn paper to make a craft.

He can glue a torn piece of paper on a foam board to create a fish for his shark tooth collage.

Find some old books in your house.

Look through your attic, basement, or garage for old books. If you can’t find any books, ask your friends and family if they have any.

If you do find books, show them to your child and encourage him to tear them up.

Give him some extra books to tear up.

Take some old magazines or newspapers and give them to your child.

Ask your child to rip up the pages.

Create a book club with some of your child’s friends.

Ask your child’s friends if they’d like to read a book together. If they say yes, you can help your child find a book that everyone likes. If your child doesn’t have any friends, you can still invite your neighbors over for a book club.

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