How to Increase Chances of Pregnancy

For the majority of women, getting pregnant is fairly easy. Most women are fertile enough to conceive within a few cycles of trying.

However, there are those few for whom it is very difficult. There are many reasons for infertility, from advanced age, to medical problems with the woman or the man.

And while it can be very frustrating and disappointing when you fail to conceive month after month there are some things to consider that may increase chances of pregnancy.

Your Mental State

Research has shown that it is not just physical health that is at issue with infertility but that often your emotional and mental state can have an effect also.

Having a positive mental attitude and believing or having faith that you will conceive can truly make a huge difference.

When your stress levels are low and you feel happy and at peace, you and your partner are much more likely to enjoy the process of trying to become pregnant and you are more likely to conceive when you are in this receptive state.

As stress levels rise, fertility levels fall so if you are worrying about becoming pregnant you are hurting your chances. Try to relax and remember to enjoy the process.

Conceiving a baby can be a joyful and happy time for you, get into that joyful and happy state and your chances of conceiving will go up.

How to Increase Chances of Pregnancy by Parenting How To

There are activities that you can engage in that will assist you in achieving a state of relaxation. It’s relaxing to have a massage.

To aid in your relaxation and pleasure, you and your companion might take turns massaging one another.

Or you may like to just take a warm, relaxing bath. Aromatherapy can be wonderfully calming and relaxing. Aromatherapy can also be used to regulate menstrual cycles if that is one of your problems with infertility. You can find certified aromatherapy specialists by doing an Internet search or looking in your local directories.

Spending some enjoyable time with your partner can also help. If you are both enjoying your time together it can enhance the emotional aspects of your relationship and relieve the stress of trying to conceive. Conception is not something you need to “try” hard to do, just enjoy the process and you may be surprised.


There are also some alternative therapies that have been found to be helpful for infertility. Acupuncture has a positive effect on fertility, especially when it is used in conjunction with IVF.

Acupuncture has been used in China for around 5000 years and it has been proven to have beneficial effects on a variety of ailments. It is now gaining more recognition among western physicians and healers as it has been proven to be helpful in so many different situations.

If you want to try acupuncture as a treatment for your infertility, you should look for a practitioner who has a good reputation and is licensed to practice.

You can look online at the National Institutes of Health or The American Academy of Medical Acupuncture to find a licensed acupuncturist.

Ovulation and Menstruation

Your chances for becoming pregnant depend on your menstrual cycle. Ovulation is when the egg drops down preparing to either become fertilized, which would mean pregnancy, or to be sloughed off, which would be a normal period. Ovulating and having the ability to fertilize an egg at the same time are both necessary conditions for pregnancy. Therefore you can only get pregnant when you are ovulating.

Ovulation typically occurs between the 12th and the 18th day after your last menstrual period begins. There are some signs of ovulation that you can learn to discern, such as changes in temperature or cervical mucus. You can also purchase ovulation predictor tests at you local pharmacy or drugstore.

Having sexual intercourse during the time that you are ovulating will greatly increase your chances of becoming pregnant. However, if you are trying to become pregnant you should be having sex around 3 times a week or more. You will only conceive while you are ovulating, however. Consequently, during this prime period, you should make every effort to spend as much time as you can with your partner.

After you have had intercourse, lay still and relax in the bed for 20 minutes or more. If you want to start a family, you should do everything in your power to keep the sperm from your spouse inside of your body. You definitely do not want to get up and move around too much if you are having trouble conceiving.

Nutrition and Diet

Healthy women get pregnant so before you conceive you should adopt a healthy diet and nutrition plan. Make an effort to consume a diet that is rich in quality protein, as well as healthy vitamins and antioxidants. 

Check that you are getting a sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains in your diet.

Certain foods can help you to become pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy. Leafy green vegetables such as spinach, kale, cabbage, broccoli and certain types of lettuce contain significant amounts of folic acid, which is a crucial nutrient for pregnant women because it prevents neural tube defects in babies.

This crucial nutrient plays an important role in a woman’s overall health as well as her reproductive health.

Folic acid may also be included in certain dietary products that have been fortified with additional nutrients, such as bread or cereal. It is also included in prenatal vitamins.

Lean meats are very rich in protein and iron. Iron is necessary for healthy blood cells for you and healthy blood cell formation for the baby. Protein is the building block of every one of our cells so it is crucial to include healthy protein.

If you are a vegetarian, you might find that you have to be extra vigilant about where you acquire your protein. Beans and legumes can be a good source of vegetarian protein. If you are not vegan, eggs also offer high-quality protein along with dairy products

Dairy products are rich in calcium which is crucial for your bone health and for the development of your baby’s bones. In order for your body to adequately nourish the growing fetus, it is essential to ingest an adequate amount of calcium.

Chances of Getting Pregnant

If you have been trying to conceive a baby for a year and you have not succeeded then you need to consult your physician to determine if there is a real problem.

If you are over age 35 and you have not conceived within 6 months of actively trying you need to consult your doctor.

Fertility specialists can help you if you have a genuine complication and the sooner you consult them the sooner you will be pregnant.

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