How To Make a Small Diaper Cake

New people can’t have too many high-quality diapers for new parents. However, because giving someone a pack of diapers seems a little strange.

Here’s an ideal solution: the diapers should be tied together to make an amazing cake and embellished with little presents or just with gorgeous ribbons and flowers to make it look more festive.

When it comes to how to make a small diaper cake, there are no restrictions on your imagination. Also advantageous is that it is uncomplicated.

How to make a small Diaper cake: The perfect gift idea for baby shower and birth

When you follow our diaper cake DIY instructions, you can build the ideal diaper cake for your friend or lover planning your own baby shower.

In addition, for those who don’t have the time to do the task themselves, you may always forward this article to a friend who will complete it on your behalf.

Diaper cake ideas and instructions

Material for a two-story diaper cake

  • 24 diapers
  • a bottle for the infant
  • rubber bands (two little rubber bands and two huge rubber bands)
  • scissors
  • Both double-sided tape and normal tape are used.
  • just a couple of security pins
  • transparent gift wrap
  • gift ribbons made of fabric
  • If desired, fake flowers can be used for decoration or to give as presents.
Diaper cake ideas and instructions

DIY Diaper Cake : Here we go:

Please follow the steps below for all twenty-four diapers: Unfold the diaper and roll it up from the printed side starting at the bottom. So that the brightly colored pattern is no longer visible. You’ll wind up with rolls that are all the same color.

Use a little rubber band to hold the rolled diaper together, so it does not fall apart.

As soon as you have rolled all the diapers, take the baby bottle and wrap it with a large rubber band, sandwiching six diapers between the rubber band and the bottle. The bottle is surrounded by the first row of diapers, and then the second row wraps around the first.

How To Make a Small Diaper Cake by Parenting How To

You’ll have six diapers left over for the second tier, which you’ll wrap around the bottle once more with a thick rubber band to keep it secure.

Everything for the fundamental framework of your diaper cake has been completed!

DIY Cake Diaper

Diaper cake decorations

It’s time to cut the cloth ribbon to the length needed to wrap around the diaper layers. In this arrangement, you may use different ribbons for each layer or the same one for both tiers.

Attach the ribbon to the diaper cake using a strip of double-sided tape after it has been folded in half. If the tape starts to come free, secure it with a pin to keep it attached to the diaper.

Now all that’s left for the diaper cake to be complete is the finishing touch: the embellishment.

Consider the possibility that you want your diaper cake to be a person present. It is possible to do this by using, for example, fake flowers that are inserted between the diapers.

Alternatively, in your design, you may include tiny presents for both the baby and the parents in your diaper cake, such as a bath thermometer, a pacifier, or a snuggle towel.

However, you may attach a cuddly little toy to the cake or the first tier with a rubber band to make it more festive.

A diaper cake, which you can attach to the diapers using the clips on the stroller chain, is an excellent fit for a stroller chain.

In such instances, you may also add a natural touch to it by using lovely wooden lettering that contains the child’s name, for example, to personalize it.

As you can see, there are no limits to what you can create with your mind. Fun and fun – Depending on the design, you may make the perfect diaper cake for your girlfriend.

How To Make a Small Diaper Cake by Parenting How To

Final Touches: Wrap the diaper cake

Cut a huge piece of transparent gift wrap to use as a finishing touch. Place your diaper cake in the center of the sheet of foil, wrap it up with tape if necessary, and tie a pretty bow around the top.

Your work of art is completed! Your partner is going to be overjoyed! Like with a simple cake, it isn’t the end of the world if something isn’t quite straight in one location – in fact, it’s frequently this quirkiness that appeals to a handcrafted cake.

You’ve produced your own diaper cake according to our directions and would like to show us the finished product; how do you do that?

Video of Making a Diaper Cake

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