What is a baby shower ?

What is a baby shower all about? Why do you celebrate it, and how? It’s all quick and simple to answer to. Everything you ever wanted to know about the baby shower is right here:

What is a baby shower?

Baby shower – never heard of it? Or have you heard of it, but can’t quite place the party trend?

In a nutshell, a baby shower is where the friends (and other loved ones) of the soon-to-be mom celebrate their pregnancy and the anticipation of the baby to come. Usually, this little get-together follows a particular routine with cake and games. Of course, there is also a lot of chatting – mainly about the eagerly awaited baby.

Why celebrate a baby shower?

The baby shower is a memorable way to show your pregnant friend how much your close ones are excited about the pregnancy and the newborn. The soon-to-be mom enjoys all the attention that afternoon – just like the motto “Queen for a Day!”

Where does the Baby shower come from? Baby Shower vs. Baby Shower

The baby shower comes from the USA. Its traditional US model is called a baby shower. This expression means that a kind of tea party with games is held in honor of the expectant mother, during which the latter is showered with gifts for herself and the baby. It “rains” gifts. There are also gifts at the “baby shower,” but the focus is not as strong as in the American model. Everything is a bit more relaxed. If you disregard these subtle differences and don’t take them too seriously, the terms baby shower and baby shower are often used synonymously in other countries. 

Who organizes the baby shower?

Traditionally, the baby shower is organized by the friends/best friend of the soon-to-be mom. But of course, the mom-to-be can also plan her celebration. So go ahead, dear soon-to-be mom! But remember not to overdo it and ask for help – I’m sure your friends will love to help! By the way, men are, of course, also allowed in the baby shower planning squad.

Who do you invite to the baby shower?

Classically, the guest list comprises best friends and closest female relatives. However, no rule says men or children can’t be at the baby shower. Just ask yourself: who would the soon-to-be mom like to have at her baby shower? To avoid overwhelming the mom-to-be, it’s good to keep the number of guests manageable—for example, 8 people is an excellent number for lots of games. Always cater to the soon-to-be mom. If she feels equipped for a big party, it can be on a larger scale. If you want the baby shower to be a surprise, you can unobtrusively check in with the mommy-to-be before you send out the invitations.

Where and when to celebrate the baby shower?

The baby shower can be celebrated by the soon-to-be-mom, the organizer, or even one of the guests. You can also rent a room. Rule of thumb should be: As comfortable and easy as possible for the soon-to-be-mama. Usually, a baby shower takes place in the last third of pregnancy – especially mom’s round belly can be perfectly staged with a sash or belly band. However, don’t plan too late – after the 32nd/33rd week of pregnancy, a party might be too exhausting for the soon-to-be-mama. It’s best to ask the soon-to-be mom, her partner, or another close person, as it depends greatly on how your pregnant friend feels.

What is the classic baby shower decoration?

A baby shower or baby shower without decorations would be boring. You should turn the room into sweet soon-to-be-baby heaven with beautiful room and table decorations.

The classic colors are traditionally pink for the girl and blue for the boy. But the nice thing is that there is no compulsion to a particular color or motif. Many opt for decorations in neutral colors or a gold theme. A uniform look looks especially great, which you can best achieve with a deco series.

To perfect the effect, you can also complement individual products in matching colors.

When choosing a theme, think about her favorite book, her favorite color, or simply get inspired on our blog. Much more important than following a trend is to meet the taste of the soon-to-be mom.

What to do at the baby shower: program & games?

A baby shower should include one thing above all: lots of fun for the expectant mom and her guests! Everything else is up to you personally. There are no rules about what you have to do and what is not part of the event. Traditional baby shower activities include lots of snacking, chatting about baby experiences, playing typical games, and unwrapping gifts.

And what are the classic baby shower games?

Estimating mommy’s belly circumference, baby predictions, city-country-river with baby terms – what is the most fun for your pregnant friend? Depending on time and desire, you can prepare more or less elaborate games yourself or buy ready-made games. Just make sure that your program is easy to follow for the soon-to-be mom with her baby bump. Many lovely game ideas deal specifically with baby and baby bump – and that’s precisely the kind that belongs at a baby shower.

What to give for the baby shower?

Surely you have heard that the baby shower is always somehow also about gifts, or it would be common to bring a gift to the soon-to-be-mom. A baby shower means that the expectant mother is showered with gifts in English. That’s why it’s called a shower. As already mentioned, the focus is less on gifts in Germany. Still, it’s nice to bring a surprise for the soon-to-be mom.

If you already know that you do not want to come empty-handed, you will find beautiful ideas – from the classics to memorable alternatives – in our section of baby shower gifts. Also, the baby shower itself, especially if it is a little more elaborate or costly designed, can already be the gift to the expectant mom, for which then each guest bears its share of the cost. Also, homemade gifts that cost nothing (except your time), such as vouchers, are welcome attention.

And for the guests? They are happy about a nice guest gift!

What are the alternatives to the baby shower?

Baby shower, puller party, welcome home party…. is it all the same? The baby shower is distinguished from the welcome baby shower or puller party in one point above all. The happy parents give the latter only after their little treasure has already been born. In addition, there are certain unique forms, such as the baby shower for the manor for the sibling.

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